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Summer Explorers 


The Cross Schools of Education offers a full-time summer program for children of two to twelve years old. Our summer indoor activities and field trips, in addition to our regular academic schedule, encourages growing, curious minds to inquire about the world around them through the lens of art, literature, and science activities while guiding them through their growth and development. We also incorporate creative and systematic thinking throughout our activities. 
*We accommodate children with school schedules that differ from our schedule. Please inquire with the office staff at (909) 468-9798.
2019 Program Indoor Activities and Field Trip are listed below:
Preschool and Kindergarten Summer School Schedule (July 1st to August 30th)
Elementary Summer School Schedule (June 3rd to August 2nd)

**Indoor Activities and Field Trips are subject to change due to student availability. Events will be rescheduled at the earliest convenience or replaced with another project. 

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